Going Solo

Are you an adventurous woman who wants to visit some of the most beautiful bucket list destinations in the world?

Are your friends too busy to travel with you?

Do you want to embark on incredible adventures alongside like-minded solo travellers?

Or more importantly, do you want to go on your own by yourself?

Make this your year for adventure.

Don’t be nervous about travelling alone. It’s Freedom. It’s Independence. It’s Liberating. It’s Alive. It’s Empowerment. It’s just totally Amazing!

You’ll never look back.
When you go on an individual holiday, it’s solely your adventure and caters for your soul.

You don’t have to worry about accommodating another person’s schedule, interests, or needs. You can decide what you want to do when you want to do it.

Whether you’re traveling independently for the first time, or you’re already a seasoned solo traveller, we at Unwind will take care of all of the details making it easy, and more enjoyable for you to have the perfect balance between adventure and freedom to explore on your own.

Your trip will be fun and give you perspective on life. And of course, being able to go where you want and when you want is also part of the draw.

Leaving home solo doesn’t mean you’ll be isolated. Don’t underestimate the role of serendipity if you’re doing the things you like to do, chances are you’re going to meet other people who like them too.

You’ll meet the best people and have the most interesting experiences when you’re not actively seeking them out…..that’s if you want to.

If the idea of a seven-day group tour gives you the shivers, consider leaning into something shorter. A cooking class, bike tour or art walk could introduce you to the new friends you didn’t know you needed. The great thing about these short adventures is there’s no pressure to follow-up or maintain contact with people. But if you meet someone that you click with or who has similar interests, you may have found someone to do another activity with during your stay.

Everyone, from the person at the front desk to the person at the table next to you at breakfast, holds the potential for friendship. But maybe you don’t want to travel solo and would like to travel with other like-minded women? Unwind Travel can also organize a group trip where you can enjoy the freedom and security of traveling in an organized group.

Another option that you might want to consider is bringing a friend to share the adventure? Travellers taking advantage of this increasingly popular option express that they create memories with their travelling companions that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Whatever you decide; be it solo, with a friend or in a group, we will take the hassle out of travel planning for you and find you the perfect holiday to make a suitcase full of memories 

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