himalaya mountain


‘Himalaya’ translates from Sanskrit as ‘land of snow’, and its white arc of peaks is visible from space. This geological giant sweeps from the Pakistan-India border, past Nepalese peaks, Bhutanese villages and the Tibetan Plateau, to taper down into China’s Yunnan province.

A visit to this region doesn’t have to mean days of trekking. Below the snowline, you can ride mountain railways in India, spot rhinos in Nepal or traverse the Friendship Highway through Tibet.

Offering unparalleled adventure, a giddy mix of culture and unique wildlife, the Himalaya are many things to many people. One thing is for sure though, join one of our Himalayan tours and the most famous mountain range in the world will not disappoint.

Most mountain lovers will be able to picture iconic photographs of Hillary and Tenzing Norgay nearing the top of Everest, or prayer flags strung out in the sunshine, but once you’re actually in Nepal yourself, you begin to notice the more subtle aspects. Small villages, children playing and the most hospitable and friendly faces along the way. And then there are the mountains…

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